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Entrepreneurship workshop / COMP-IT Summer School 16-20 August 2010

Entrepreneurship workshop - Learning entrepreneurial competences

Registrations preferably as soon as possible, deadline 15 July, please fill in the registration form

AIM: To learn what entrepreneurial competences mean and how I can adopt entrepreneurial behaviour to my life and work. Given by Professor Paula Kyrö, Aalto University School of Economics.

Participation + pre-assignment + post-assignment are worth 1 ECTS in total.

Pre-assignment: deadline 10 August 2010

1) Please think about these three questions and write your answers briefly before you go further.

What does entrepreneurship mean to me?
How would I like to define it?
What does it mean if I behave entrepreneurially?

Either load your answers to the OPTIMA platform or if you rather keep them private send them to

2) After answering the questions above, please read few articles available in OPTIMA before out meeting 16th August.

Workshop 16th August, 13.15-17.00

Focusing on themes:
What does entrepreneurship mean?
How to learn entrepreneurial competences?
How can I adopt entrepreneurial behaviour during this summer school?

Reflection session 20th August

How did I manage to adopt entrepreneurial behaviour during this week?

Post-assignment, deadline 15 October 2010

Please percieve your own entrepreneurial behaviour after leaving the summer school and keep notes when you notice some progress or vice versa in your behaviour. Write down those critical events and also your feelings and actions in each event.