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FICS Winter Meeting 2013

Location: Dipoli, Aalto University Otaniemi campus, Otaniementie 24, Espoo,

FICS students will give spotlight presentations and posters. The supervisors, mentors and fellow FICS students are warmly encouraged to give feedback to all students!

Time table:

10:00 Possibility to set up your poster at Käpyaula. Note: the posters are in alphabetical order, according to your last name! Coffee served outside Auditorium.

Presentations at Auditorium:
10:15 Opening by FICS Director Sami Kaski
10:25 Plenary talk by professors Erik Aurell (Aalto and KTH) and Petri Myllymäki (Univ Helsinki): Big data
11:10 Plenary talk by professor Ilpo Vattulainen (Tampere Univ Technology): Molecular simulations unravel how membrane receptors can be modulated - however, do they? Let us talk about sampling;
11:50 Small break;
12:00 Student spotlight presentations by Jefrey Lijffijt, Mikhail Shubin, Tarmo Äijö

12:30 Lunch and poster session at Käpyaula;
15:00 End of official programme

Please register at no later than 10 April.

To facilitate the information flow, the students are kindly asked to bring a POSTER. Alternatively you can bring a computer demo using your own equipment. Volunteers are seeked to give 2 min spotlight presentations.

Let us put special emphasis on presenting one's research in a clear and understandable manner! Remember that your mentor/mentors and fellow FICS students are not strictly from the same field as you are. Try to answer the question "Why should a new person be interested in me and my research?" To this end, please prepare a 30-second "elevator pitch" (in Finnish, "hissipuhe") in which you summarize the main points of your research in a convincing and easily reachable manner. See

About the posters: The poster stands are of size 120x120 cm. Pay attention to the clarity of the presentation: font size, amount of text, using figures etc.

About the spotlight presentations: It should be 2 minutes and have 3 slides only (one title slide, one giving the content of your work, and one describing what others should learn from you). The presentation should clearly bring out "why is this interesting?". Most preferably, the spotlight could be accompanied by your POSTER later in the poster session. If you do not have a poster with you, we will in any case assign a named poster slot for you, as this makes it easier for the audience to find you.

The event is free of charge to FICS students, supervisors and mentors. The travel expenses of students living outside Helsinki region will be reimbursed by FICS. Please contact for details on reimbursing.