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Recruitment Fair 2011

The Winter 2011 meeting of FICS is a "Recruitment Fair", January 11, 2011, at Otaniemi, Innopoli 2, Espoo

The purpose of the event is twofold: to build contacts between FICS students and prospective employers, and to get students and mentors meet each other. Special emphasis is put on presenting one's research in a clear and understandable manner. In addition, fellow graduate students from Dublin, Ireland are invited to come and build contacts to FICS research groups, to pave the way for future internships between FICS and Dublin.

Why should I attend?

  • if you are a FICS student, you will meet prospective employers and can present your poster and portfolio. This is a good opportunity to rehearse the art of presenting your work from a non-technical viewpoint.
  • if you are a FICS student or FICS supervisor, you will meet your mentor / your mentoring student
  • if you are a FICS student or FICS supervisor, you will meet students/supervisors from University College Dublin, Bioinformatics and Systems Biology PhD Programme, Ireland, to discuss research visits from Finland to Ireland and vice versa
  • if you are a student from UCD Ireland, you can meet FICS students and supervisors to discuss possibilities for research visits or other collaboration
  • if you are a company representative, you will meet highly talented doctoral students to be hired in your company after the dissertation, and you will meet FICS supervisors to discuss research collaboration

Location: Otaniemi, Innopoli 2, 1st floor, Tekniikantie 14, Espoo. See here for a map.

Preliminary time table:

11:45 Possibility to set up your poster (please note the poster stands are in alphabetical order!)
12:00 Coffee; Opening of the event
12:15 Panel discussion "On the needs of computational sciences in the industry", with panelists from companies and the academia (Leo Kärkkäinen from Nokia, Jukka Ketoja from VTT/ Physics of Fiber Products, Pauli Kuosmanen from Tivit SHOK and Tapio Ala-Nissilä from Aalto University)
14:00 Company/alumni/collaborator presentations:
Ant Chubb from Bioinformatics and Systems Biology Programme, University of Dublin, Ireland;
Hannes Heikinheimo from Nokia Consumer Analytics and Insights; 
Atte Moilanen from Univ Helsinki, Metapopulation Research Group;
Jukka Ahtikari from Logica
14:30 What's new at FICS (Sami Kaski, Ella Bingham)
14:45 Break; Possibility to set up your poster (please note the poster stands are in alphabetical order)
15:00 Poster session; Student-mentor-meetings
16:30 Buffet dinner; Poster session and student-mentor meetings continued
19:00 End of the event

To facilitate the information flow,  all students are encouraged to bring a poster, also those who are willing to give a 5-minute spotlight presentation. In an ideal case, your poster should be less technical than one which you would typically have in a conference of your own field. Instead, it should be accessible to a wide
audience. If you cannot make a new poster according to these standards, then please at least prepare an extra A3-sized paper attached to your poster, giving a non-technical overview of why your research should be interesting to potential employers. Remember that your mentor/mentors are not strictly from the same field as you are, and thus this is a good opportunity to present your work in an understandable way to them, too.
Try to answer the question "Why should a new person be interested in me and my research?" To this end, please prepare a 30-second "elevator pitch" (in Finnish, "hissipuhe") in which you summarize the main points of your research in a convincing and easily reachable manner. See
About the spotlight presentations: It should be 2 minutes and have 3 slides only (one title slide, one giving the content of your work, and one describing what others should learn from you). The presentation should clearly bring out "why is this interesting?".  Most preferably, the spotlight could be accompanied by your poster later in the poster session. If you do not have a poster with you, we will in any case assign a named poster slot for you, as this makes it easier for the
to find you. Then please at least bring a research plan that you can discuss with your mentor/mentors. However, the poster would be very welcome.

The company representatives are encouraged to mingle freely among the student posters. If preferred, they can also bring a company poster.

The event is organized together with the EIT ICT Labs Helsinki node, whose support is gratefully acknowledged.

Please fill in this registration form preferably until Sunday January 2, 2011. Thank you!
The event is free of charge to FICS students and supervisors, UCD Ireland students and supervisors, and invited company representatives.